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    Hi Shakira.
    I can’t relate to the puffy lids but I can relate to the bags and dark circles under the eyes. If you search my posts you’ll see I started a thread about that a few weeks ago.

    I am right there with you with hating the fact that some medical condition is affecting the way I look. I know other people have noticed it and it makes me look tired and “sickly” regardless of how many things I try and how much concealer and make up I use.

    My final hunch is similar to yours… that it’s related to something we’re eating. I tried cutting way back on carbs a week ago and it seems to have helped a lot already… not sure if it’s coincidence or really the cause.

    Then Wednesday we changed my dose of Levothyroxine and the eyes look pretty tired and sunken again so I guess our thyroids and it’s fluctuations are a factor, too.

    Wish I had some answers or solutions for you but at least know that you’re not alone with this frustration.