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    I can’t even begin to function w/o a morning cup of coffee & I take mine w/ a non-dairy creamer as well. My endo & pharmacist both say that as long as I avoid dairy creamers AND as long as I am consistent with having that coffee (no problem there!), that they don’t see a problem since my dose will have been adjusted to account for this pattern. I do try to take my pill before I get out of bed tho & then I wash my face, brush my teeth, all that, as slowly as possible to give the Synthroid as much a head start as possible. I eat no food tho. So far this has worked well for me. Since you’re pretty hypo right now, you might want to mention the coffee to your dr to get his or her take on it.

    As for feeling discouraged, I felt that way often in the first 3 months or so. It wasn’t until I finally adjusted my expectations & cut myself a little slack that this lessened. And finding out that a lot of what I was experiencing was a normal part of the post-TT process. I know it’s hard to be patient & even harder not to think that your situation is somehow abnormal (which makes it scary), but as you said – this really does take a bit of time. There are several people on the forum that just had their TTs too & post frequently…hearing their stories will hopefully make you feel less alone w/ your frustrations at least. And completely normal too!! ;)