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    Hi Gammima! Welcome to the forum & sorry to hear that you’re still hypo – but I’m actually not surprised since you’re very early into things & the starting dose is a “best guess” by your dr. I had my TT February 1st of this year & I began Synthroid immediately as well. At my 1st set of labs my TSH was in normal range, but a couple of weeks later it had shot up into hypo-land! In the early days you have some thyroid stored up in your body still & over time that goes away & can leave you hypo. Your long-term dose can’t really be found until that process is complete. So I think that it may be a bit early in the process still (my endo told me that she expected me to take a few months to reach the right level, and that she doesn’t become concerned until about a year post-op. That’s not to say that she expected me to feel bad the whole time, just that we may get me close in a few months and then be fine-tuning for a few months after that.

    A couple of things that you are probably aware of, but I’ll mention them anyway…

    I was told to make sure that I take it on an empty stomach – 30 min to an hour before eating anything (and at least 4 hrs after my last meal, so mornings work best for me). The other thing they mentioned was NOT to take any calcium, iron or soy products within 4 hrs of Synthroid – and then they sent me home w/ calcium every 4 hrs!!! We got that all worked out pretty quickly, but that was a bit confusing at the time.

    Also, just to give you an idea as to how this went for me, I was started on 100mcg & 6 wks later increased to 112. That brought my TSH down quite a bit (by about the 3 month mark), but I was still a little hypo. So I was later increased to 125. That brought me to near perfection (was seriously feeling very good), but recently I was increased to 137 based on feeling about 90% better & my dr saying that I can get to 100%. She was right. Feeling great now!! Anyway, I’ve personally found this to be a process that takes a few months – but each step of it is so much easier & better than the step before. For me the keys to success were taking it on an empty stomach, avoiding supplements within 4 hrs of it, and to reporting symptoms quickly. In fact, when I had my 1st dose increase to 112…I was told to retest in 6 to 8 wks, but was also told that if I wasn’t feeling any better at all by 3 wks to call early. I wasn’t, so I did call…which prompted the increase to 125 at about 4 wks into the dose vs waiting the whole 6 wks.

    How are you feeling? Do you feel hypo? My dr said that some people (like me) really feel it when they’re hypo & others don’t feel a thing.

    Hope you’ll find that perfect dose soon!