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    Shirley ~ I think that you’re exactly who the foundation is talking about. Someone who’s “been there, done that” – and no longer “needs” the forum. Your diagnosis, treatment, and knowledge are so advanced that there are very few questions you’d ask that any of us could answer. I think that nearly every one of us has looked to something you’ve said or some encouragement you’ve given as we’ve battled through the fear & confusion of diagnosis, choosing an option, & for those of us who chose TT – dealing w/ its immediate aftermath. You’re always kind, don’t get mixed up in the “muck”, seem extremely honest, and have so much knowledge & experience. I’ve always found you so reassuring, whether responding to me last winter when I was scared to death or responding to others now. 😎

    And Sue ~ I think that you will make a great warrior once you’ve reached your “new normal”. You’ll always need to monitor your body & labs, and you’ll always need to “tweak” replacement hormone as needed, but those changes and tweaks are nothing like the initial ones you’ve already experienced or may be experiencing in this early post-TT period. Your people skills are most impressive, and you seem very real & very honest. I’d say that you’re getting very, very close to Warrior status! :)

    Kimberly ~ Love the Warrior concept! As has been mentioned before, most people who do well after treatment are not on these forums. I remember when I was faced w/ diagnosis & choosing a treatment option I had a hard time finding stories w/ good outcomes. This forum was, and is, the best I’ve found…but even here, there were only 2 post-TT people present back then. The others had left. I was desperate to hear the truth about what to expect from treatment, to hear the truth about what life was like afterward, & to get hope that one day I’d not only live w/ all this, but live well. I think that the forum will be even more incredible for future patients with the addition of RAI Warrior’s, TT Warriors, & ATD Warriors. The official “been there, done that” crowd! ;)

    Kudos to the foundation for thinking of this one!