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    Kimberly wrote:
    Hi Sue – If your doc ordered a T3 test as part of your panel, the lab results will tell the full story. However, keep in mind that the majority of patients do just fine on T4 alone. As Karen noted, the time to think about T3 issues is if your levels are normal/stable after a period of time (the European Thyroid Association recommends 6 months) and you are taking the meds properly – but you still aren’t feeling well.

    Hi Kimberly. Unfortunately my endo is one that does not believe in testing for T3 after a TT. He gave me a long, scientific dissertation on why and he quoted tons of medical publications from the last 10 years with the various changes in thinking but he personally does NOT believe in it. When I pushed him on it he said he has hesitantly tested a few of his patients and tried them on T3 supplement and that it has never proven effective.

    I’ve already been researching other endos in my area and may go have a consult with one in the near future. If I can get my levels in a good place with the original doc then I may just continue to use him for my yearly or bi-yearly check ups but if I can’t get feeling well after 6 months to a year I will go elsewhere.