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    Gabe wrote:
    Good for you Sue!! I’m at 125 and highly suspect I’m hyper….can’t sleep, hot flashes, etc. etc. etc…. I go back in 2 weeks so I’ll know for sure. Things just don’t seem right and I’m convinced I’m hyper. Hopefully 112 is the ideal for both of us. If not, I plan to ask for a thorough study of my T3 conversion…maybe need a supplement like Armour or Cytomel. Hope not, but all options are on the table. 3 months post TT and not feeling exactly as I hoped…not bad but not good either.

    Take care…


    Hi Karen. Pretty soon I think we will know our bodies and each fluctuating level and it’s accompanying symptoms so well that we will pretty much be able to predict what our lab numbers will read.

    Question about your comment regarding checking T3 conversion: since I am hyper and you suspect you are, doesn’t that pretty much confirm that we are properly converting our T4 to T3? I thought if we stayed hypo and couldn’t get our TSH down that that might mean we weren’t converting, but since I’m hyper I found comfort in knowing that I was converting properly.

    So you’re saying being hyper is NOT confirmation of conversion?