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    Thanks everyone! I have decided to move forward with RAI after much research, a couple of teary conversations with my endo, and a talk with my primary care physician. I guess I’ve made peace with the fact that for me I need to take action to prevent things from getting worse and any course of action will involve changing my eating habits anyway. It is still surreal since I don’t have many outward symptoms but I have noticed this past week that I don’t need as much sleep as I used to and according to my hubby my neck is red all the time. I also find that I’m talking to myself about the pros and cons on all the options but that’s just me being nervous. Funny thing is that once I started talking about it to my friends I found out my one neighbor is hypo and and another had thyroid cancer with radiation after. I was thinking that thyroid issues aren’t common but are finding out more and more that isn’t true.

    Please wish me luck as I begin this journey. I’ll report back soon!