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    Hi Laurie,

    One of the symptoms of my Graves’ was a big weight loss in a very short time, not that I was complaining, mind you. I hadn’t weighed 110 pounds since the 70s.
    I had RAI on July 1. 2013 and my last blood test shows that I am very hypo, so it worked like a charm and I’m happy with my decision. But, I have gained the weight back and about 10 pounds more and am now at 143. I think with me it’s less the hypo stage than it’s the “see it – eat it” habit I have fallen into. As soon as I find out if my uninterrupted sleep will last I will tackle the eating issue. Actually, I don’t mind the weight a whole lot, it beats being hyper and feeling like crap most of the time.

    I live alone since my husband passed away in November so I get bored a lot too and then I eat.
    Everyone is very different and not everyone will gain weight, specially if they have a bit more self control than I have.