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    AMY! SO happy for you! As I write this, I am thinking of Sue’s reply, and applying it to myself right now. She is so right! SOME DAYS IT WORKS, AND SOME DAYS IT DOESN’T!

    I got hit with a heart thing, atrial fibrillation, a couple weeks ago. Most docs think it is directly related to my CHRONIC hyperthyroidism (labs only.) But my TSH has been .00something or other, for years. No matter WHAT I do. We reduced Synthroid from 150 mcg. all the way down to 77 mcg. The outcome of that was gastroparesis. For those who don’t know what that is, it is not fun. The stomach does not empty. So we went back, gradually to 125 mcg, and now are trying it again, with longer intervals between changes. I’m at 100 mcg right now.

    OOPS! Sorry, I think I highjacked the thread without intending to. but the main point was, I could not DO ANYTHING for the past 3 weeks, until i was cardioverted at Swedish. Then still felt like crap. Could not get out of bed and stay out of bed. TODAY, I walked a few laps in the neighborhood, went to a wedding at a coffee shop, and I feel like a human.

    Point is, it is hell to feel hyPO, it is hell to feel hyPER.
    So some days, it is so so much better. But it is OK to have those other days, and not feel like we flunked the day. Cause the next day will be good. Or the next one, and soon most of them will be good, and now and then, all of them will be good!!!!