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    Way to go, Amy! thanks for the pep talk and wisdom. Yes, it’s so much easier to crawl into a hole (or back into bed or onto the couch) but we can’t realistically do that forever so some days we have to dust ourselves off and forge ahead even if we don’t think we can possibly do it.

    Most days it will work, some days it won’t. Today I woke up feeling like a blerch but had a family commitment (child’s birthday party) that I had to attend. I seriously contemplated copping out but forced myself to go anyway. I didn’t really feel any better while there and most of the time I was looking at the clock counting the minutes until I could leave but it wasn’t horrible, either. I was just in a “blerchy” mood all day and only wanted to lie on a couch and lose myself in a movie or two. I’m sure I wasn’t the life of the party but I didn’t bring anyone down with me so I’m glad I went.

    Congrats on pushing yourself to walk, but don’t forget that some days we totally deserve to blerch out. :)