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    Hi, I was irritable, fussy, ate like a pig, sleepless, ate all the time, kinda sorta knew my heart was beating faster, ……all this for about at LEAST 2 months, probably a couple more, when I went to a doc, and he said I was just stressed out, had a new baby, take it easy, crap like that.

    And, as a comment to Nancy Patterson’s nice post. I am assuming you wore a Holtor monitor a long time ago. And either did not get good instructions, and/or decided for your own reasons that you thought you needed to cancel a day of work.
    I want to clarify, for anyone who may be needing to wear a Holtor Monitor someday, that you can do anything and everything you want to do. I would not want anyone to refuse to wear it, thinking they would have to take a day or two off. Not correct.
    Except shower or get the EKG leads or little recording wet.
    I have worn them about six different times, four times when I was working a 10 hour shift as a very busy RN on a very busy floor.

    A Holter moniter is this:
    They apply six EKG leads to your chest, with wires to a very small box which can hang on your pants like a cell phone, or you can have a small sling for it.
    The purpose is to do a 24 or 48 hour constant measurement of your heart rate and your heart action. Very valuable information!

    As a matter of fact, I am wearing one right now!