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    Hi there, me again.
    I got up this morning (REALLY struggled to get out of bed because it wasn’t a good night’s sleep – welcome back, hyper-ness!) and proceeded to go about my morning routine to get out of the house. I was like a furnace and was miserable trying to get dressed. Even with the AC blowing directly on me I felt like I needed another shower. I can’t believe I lived like that for so long because I was so distraught with it today even though I know (or at least hope) it’s temporary. What a miserable way to try to function! My digestive tract also reminded me that things were going too fast, and my anxiety symptoms are in full gear.

    I headed to the lab and found that, unfortunately, Connecticut is not one of the states where the lab will provide blood results directly to the patient so I guess I’m at the doc’s mercy to call me in a few days. I certainly hope he’s not on vacation!

    Regarding what you can do to make your “riding it out” easier, do you have any anti-anxiety meds you can take for the time being? Or beta blockers? It’s miserable enough we have to go through this but to not have anything to turn to for a little relief is s helpless / hopeless feeling.

    I’m still going to call a new endo today to see about meeting her in the near future. It would be nice to know how liberal or conservative she is in regards to listening to symptoms rather than just numbers.

    Hope you’re doing OK today…. keep us posted or feel free to PM me or e-mail me.