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    Sorry you’re feeling lousy. I don’t have any advice for you (except maybe to shop around for a new endo in case yours continues to make you suffer longer than necessary).

    I had a TT on July 16 and have had my ups and down for the past 8 weeks but lately I’ve felt good most of the time. However, I’m feeling hyper symptoms creeping back in and it depresses the hell out of me. I was so relieved to get rid of those nasty symptoms and I’m already reminded how miserable they can make you.

    I’m going to have blood drawn tomorrow (even though I’m not due for over another week) and hope I don’t have to argue with my endo to let me change my dosage. And I fear pretty much what you’re experiencing…. having the levels be within “normal” range and having the doc tell me to ride it out. Easier said than done. Life would be much easier for us patients if our doctors had some first hand experience with Graves. I’m not wishing them ill, but they just have no idea what this can do to our lives and “waiting it out” is sometimes enough to make you jump off a bridge.

    Hang in there…. hope you get relief soon.