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    You sure can! Ask, and push about this. THere should be a way you can sign up for electronic access to you chart. I had a lab drawn this morning at 8, and I already have looked up the results at 10am.

    About the only thing that patients cannot access before they see the doc to discuss, are path reports, psych/mental health notes and sexually transmitted disease results.

    Docs are historically used to having control over all information. Most docs in this current environment, welcome the patient being as informed as possible.

    As an a side note this morning, one thing that was lacking in my health care was the fact that I go to two different medical institutions for health care, so I have to be the reporter from one to the other, until the glacially slow information is faxed, then sits in medical records for a couple of centuries until it can be scanned in the computer.

    **All changed now as of this month. There is a new implementation with Obamacare, called Care Everywhere Authoritization Form, which means NOW, my primary care doc at Univ. of Washington, can access my cardiology records at Swedish.

    Thought this would interest everyone.