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    Thanks, everyone. I needed a kick in the pants to do the sensible thing. But as you all know too well, when you don’t feel good and you’re looking at weeks (sometimes months!) before you get relief, it’s enough to make you do something drastic.

    Yes, I realize the lab results are usually available in 24 hours or less and I think they sit on my doc’s desk until an hour before I see him. So I will definitely call and nag starting Tuesday afternoon.

    I can get my own results without hearing them from a doc???? That would be so awesome! I’ll look into that first thing in the morning or will ask about it when I go get blood drawn.

    Yes, Amy, I recall lecturing you about not doing what I was tempted to do…. was hoping you’d see the humor in it. :)

    Very good to hear that sometimes we can feel relief within days, not weeks. I can handle this stuff if I know there’s a light at the end of a short tunnel, but the longer the tunnel gets, the harder it is to stay positive.

    Thanks all.