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    I understand! The 17th is a whole week away! Here’s my suggestion.
    1. Get the blood draw tomorrow.

    (as I recall, you do work in health care, don’t you??)

    I can tell you for a fact that those results are REALLY ready the same day sometimes just a few hours later.

    2. Get the results yourself.
    3. Call the doc, or the voice who answers, and try at least to speak to an ARNP, RN or MA..NOT the receptionist.
    Report your labs and your symptoms.
    Ask for a return call, including a request for him/her to call in a lower RX.
    The next dose down is 112 mcg. Is this a possible plan of action for you??

    Kinda hard to split pills, skip’em, stuff like that, cause then you lose your regimen, as you already know…..