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    Dear Shirley and Nancy-
    Thank you so much for responding so soon! And for your kindness.
    Perhaps it is too soon to really tell. I’m getting bloodwork every two weeks, because I responded so well to the methimazole that I went to hypo on a high dose, so we had to keep monitoring. Boy did I get woozy on 40mg!

    I have been reading about Dr. Dean Ornish, and how he designed a program clinically proven to reverse (not just slow down) heart disease. It worked so well that health insurance companies now back it. And it has been working for years. He is trying this program now with prostate cancer. And there is some evidence that this program can also help with other kinds of disease (for example auto-immune disease).

    I think I am going to try it. Anything to lower those antibodies!
    I haven’t very much experience with Graves’, but I will also try to answer other’s posts– if I can help, I will!