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    I can’t share any decent links, either. The ones that seem scientifically based and credible are too darned hard to understand, and the rest are just people’s opinions and personal experiences.

    I agree with everything Harpy said about low-carbing. Don’t do it severely, and don’t do it overnight. When I did Atkins 10 years ago I went by the book (literally) and went from being a carbaholic to under 20 grams a day. There is a syndrome they call the “Induction Flu” that occurs during the first two weeks because your body really does feel as if you’re really sick when you give them up that severely.

    This time, I just cut back greatly, but not drastically. And I’m still taking in carbs but instead of two pieces of bread in a sandwich, I’m using half of one slice. Pasta? A taste or two, but not an entire serving.

    My eyes did start to look much better after a few days but this morning they are going dark again. That’s either because I had mashed potatoes last night or because we started a new dose of Levothyroxine yesterday. Only time and more experimentation will tell.