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    Regarding links for Thyroid & Nutrition, I haven’t really seen anything specific that I would quote, it is mostly individuals opinion and experience.
    Not being able to find anything specific for thyroid I just broadened my search to determine what is the healthiest way to eat and live, as you can imagine there’s a lot of opinion and biased research to lead one in all directions, after a while we found what works for us, still fine tuning and researching, but I don’t see our dietary path changing much.
    The one thing I can say on that front is eat the freshest most nutritionally rich foods you can get and reduce processed foods as much as possible.

    A specific note on Low Carb diets, I don’t think there is anything wrong with them and my diet is generally lower in carbs then most people, but if people reduce their carbohydrate intake too rapidly without giving their bodies time to adapt, some people may risk down regulating metabolism which can have similar outward effects as being Hypo and will add confusion to dosing of either ATD’s or Thyroxine.
    So if you do have Thyroid (or any other) disease dietary changes should be slow & steady, give yourself 6 months+ for a significant dietary transition.
    My preferred approach is to tell people to just gradually transition the pantry, over time just buy more of the healthier stuff and gradually eat what’s left of the not so healthy, this way there will be less impact on ones psyche and issues of craving, it will also work in with learning to cook different meals, so just take it slow and keep it positive.