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    1. Dark circles: I have heard of and seen people who get circles under their eyes from allergies, and I agree that it’s not always lack of sleep because even on weekends when I’m getting 10 hours or so the circles are there, 24/7. I don’t THINK mine is an allergy issue but it’s possible. But they came on pretty suddenly after surgery and they aren’t budging no matter what I do. I recall how great my eyes looked when I was low-carbing so I’m hoping to see an improvement in my eyes in a week or two. If I do, we’ll know I’m onto something. Yes, I think dark circles can also be strictly hereditary, but I was checking out my sisters this weekend and they don’t have them and I had these once before but then got rid of them. Time will tell but I am really sick of looking sick.

    2. If you Google carb intolerance you will find much reading about the different affects that different carbs have on our individual systems. And it seems to be VERY individual. Some can tolerate one thing that another can’t, and some can tolerate small amounts of something but only occasionally and not a big quantity. If I can stay fairly low carb for the next two weeks then I will start slowly testing items back in to see what I can tolerate and what I can’t. I also think that after taking a break from carbs for a while you can get away with some better than you can when you’re loading them on daily. When I was doing Atkins I would behave Monday through Friday and cheat on weekends…no problems.

    Hope we hear from others about this….. I’m betting there are a lot of people who could feel better if they started noticing a connection between what they ate and how they feel. It amazes me how a few modifications in my life have changed how I feel in a big way. I apparently don’t do well with fruit. :( I miss it, but I don’t miss the way it made me feel.