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    I completely understand where you’re coming from. When I was hyperthyroid, I probably slept 2-3 hours a night. I also was homeschooling my 3 older boys and taking care of my infant. Ugh- what a mess. When I was on methimazole, it helped, but I still had a hard time with sleep. I have since had surgery and my sleep is now back to normal! Yay! I still have bouts of rough sleep, but not nearly as bad as before.

    One of my friends who has a brain tumor and suffers from insomnia due to it went to a sleep specialist. Here is what the specialist said: make sure you have a routine. Get up at the same time and go to sleep at the same time- especially the waking up part though. Take time to unwind. I drink camomile tea and watch 30 min. of some mindless TV before I sleep. I also take a warm bath or shower. I go to sleep with ear plugs and a mask. If I can’t sleep after 30 min., I get out of bed and read with a low light- that does usually help quite a bit. Exercise (during the day) also helps me sleep better. When I’m very desperate after many days of 2-3 hours, I would take a Benadryl, but if you’re hyperthyroid, you have to be careful with it as it will raise your heart rate. If I take Benadryl now on occasion, I do not suffer from any heart rate issues now that my thyroid is gone. Maybe if you’re thyroid hormone levels are stable, Benadryl would be okay sometimes, but I would
    ask your doctor. My doctor was fine with it (even before surgery).