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    thank you so much. im going to try cleaning the house right before bed tonight to c if that helps. ive tried a couple of things like taking a really warm bath b4 bed and it kinda works while im in the bath because i have fallen asleep in the tub lollllll! but as soon as i get up back to tossing and turning and thinking to much. my sis is really into herbals so im going to ask her about something to help me sleep thx. i am a heavy sleeper. i havent talked to my dr about the sleep problems ive always just dealt with it but now its becoming too much for me. this morning a ran out and got a soothing sounds cd im also goin to try that. i also think i will call my dr and tell her the issues ive been having as well.. i really do love this forum because ive been in a fog lately and this helps me think straight.

    i hope you are feeling better and im sending lots of prayers your way :)

    Sleepless In colorado

    Diagnosed: graves disease 8/6/13
    20mg methimazole 1x day
    60mg propanolol 2x day