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    adenure wrote:
    When I’m very desperate after many days of 2-3 hours, I would take a Benadryl, but if you’re hyperthyroid, you have to be careful with it as it will raise your heart rate. If I take Benadryl now on occasion, I do not suffer from any heart rate issues now that my thyroid is gone. Maybe if you’re thyroid hormone levels are stable, Benadryl would be okay sometimes, but I would ask your doctor. My doctor was fine with it (even before surgery).

    I do the Benadryl when I am desperate also! LOL I agree, ask your doctor 1st. I know I have to be careful because of all the other medications I’m on for allergies & asthma.

    MeeMee it was good to see you got some sleep but I’m sorry to hear you had another bad night. I’ve noticed as far as my heart racing/pounding it’s more right after I wake up & right before I go to sleep. Weird. Mid-day I’m “uppity” but my pulse & pressure are in normal ranges. Because it’s not constant, my docs took me off the beta-blocker. Are you on a medication for your heart rate already? I would keep tabs on your pulse & blood pressure & keep a log (maybe morning, mid-day & night) even if you are on a beta-blocker & discuss it with your doctor.

    Otherwise, things that have helped me. Lavender essential oils or products with that in it. In a bath at night, in a lotion on my skin before I go to sleep. I don’t even like lavender! haha But it really does help calm me! Diffusers in my bedroom or a lavender pillow spray might help.

    doTERRA also makes this essential oil blend my friend got me called Serenity which is calming & you can either diffuse it or use it topical. It’s expensive but I love it!

    I also LOVE Sleepy Time tea before I go to bed by Celestial Seasonings. For some reason, straight chamomile tea bothers me, but this has a bit of mint in it & it really helps calm me too.

    Hopefully you’ll find the right thing to get a good sleep consistently!