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    Hi Kalty,

    I read through you stuff, and with out knowing your lab numbers, I will say, I know how you feel. Through most of my Hyper journey, my symptoms did not perfectly line up with the hyper set. Yes, I had hair loss, shaking hands and a rapid pulse, but I was also sluggish, exhausted and unable to sleep.

    I originally got a Graves’ disease diagnosis, and I just found out (post Op), that it was incorrect. Through my journey I also went from Hyper to Hypo on my labs, then back to Hyper while never escaping my Hyper symptoms.

    My second opinion endo was my lifesaver. My first endo was content leaving me on anti thyroid drugs for 3-6 months at a time with out labs, something I wouldn’t suggest doing. My thyroid was also covered with nodules and got inflamed randomly. When I went in for my biopsy, they actually ended up also draining a cyst on my thyroid.

    I had a TT last week (detailed in a nother thread). My levels haven’t bottomed out by any means, but I feel a sense of relief. And, fortunately for me, my entire thyroid is gone (there was cancer growing on it).

    Keep on getting your labs, documenting your dose and symptoms and checking back in here.

    We’re all here to help!