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    Thanks, everyone.

    What makes no sense to me is that some symptoms don’t match. I’ve never had trouble sleeping. In fact, I need naps all day long after sleeping 10 hours. Also, I’ve gained weight not lost.

    This doc is going to have a hard time convincing me that the thyroid level is what is really wrong. I wonder if I’ve always had this level, since I don’t know if it’s ever been checked before.

    The same heart palpitations were written off years ago (25 years ago) as nothing, after wearing a monitor. So blaming the thyroid level now doesn’t carry much weight for me.

    I guess all this time between the blood test and the appointment is good after all. It’s enough the go through the history and really remember.

    This poor doc doesn’t know what she’s in for. :)

    I wonder how often higher levels are someone’s normal.

    It’s scary to think that so much is done because of a number on a test. Really scary. Do they try to find other causes before yanking the thyroid? Do they really just take that number and assume that it’s the problem?