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    Thanks for taking the time to answer and help.

    I actually got a call from my PCP to come in yesterday.
    I gave him copies of the last couple of lab reports since neither the lab nor the Endo sent him anything. Next lab visit I’ll make sure they send him copies.

    Anyway, he took me off the Propranolol and the Nortriptyline and put me on Ambien 5mg for sleep and Losartan Potassium 50mg for blood pressure. I think he was a bit surprised that my dose of Levothyroxine is so low at 25mcg because he asked me twice to show him the bottle. He thought it said 125mcg and I was reading it wrong.
    I do have some muscle aches, which I think may go away when the Endo adjusts my Levothyroxine, hopefully very soon.

    Now, the purpose of this update is to tell you that I slept like a log last night from 11:00 PM to 6:30 AM without waking even once and without any visual disturbances or hallucinations. YAY, I am happy! Here’s hoping it lasts.

    Thanks again for listening. Without you all I’d probably still be sitting here whining.

    Lots of hugs and wishing you good days as well.