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    I’m expecting to hear from the PCP tomorrow about the Propranolol, the endo didn’t want to discuss it since he didn’t prescribe it.

    Got the results for the latest blood work back: FT4 0.4 L Ref. 0.7 – 1.8
    TSH 34.1 H Ref. 0.4 – 5.5

    The above was from Sept. 5th

    A month ago on August 9th it was: FT4 1.0 N Ref. as above
    TSH 0.02 L Ref. as above

    I didn’t think the numbers go that high, all the way to 34.1
    Isn’t that quite a jump in a month? Or did they put the decimal point in the wrong place. All of you know your way around these numbers much better than I do.

    Aside from the “sleeping thing” I don’t feel too bad. And I’m hoping to have that resolved tomorrow.