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    Thanks Kimberly,

    Aside from the Propranolol and Methimazole I’m only taking a baby aspirin, some vitamin D3 and 10 mg generic Pepsid every day. I did call my PCP to see if the Nortriptyline, which turned out to be anxiety medication that the PCP said would help me sleep, needed to be tapered off and he said no.
    The one thing that let me sleep through the night was the Nortriptyline together with a liquid night time cough medication I took for a short time after a cold. Probably not the best way to go.
    Also, until recently I was a smoker.

    I can deal with the feeling crummy and tired but the interruptions every night are something all together different.

    So, I’ll get the blood test on Friday and see about an Ophthalmologist.