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    I experience a different sense of the two sides of my body as well starting a couple of years ago. It worried me enough that I asked my doctor to evaluate me for neurological/stroke indicators but I always came back okay. For the last year I’ve been dealing with some swelling in my lower legs, but it is far worse on the right side – particularly my right foot is almost one full size bigger than the left! Graves is one crazy disease.

    Trina, I am totally on board with you on the loss of faith with doctors, but yet there still are some good ones out there. And even if they miss some things, they can still be very good for other issues. Unfortunately with Graves being as serious as it is, we don’t have the choice anymore to go it on our own. I see it now as a rather wary partnership. I wish you luck and I hope you do find the right doc to help you – he/she must exist.