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    I’m so sorry about your relationship but if that person could not support you after that long they are not worth it. I know it’s easier to say but I hope you can realize that. You definitely need a good support system around you right now. My true friends & family have been there for me but even I know they can’t really comprehend what I am going through so this group has helped me a lot! Before I had any answers & diagnosed with Graves’ I thought I was going crazy. Luckily, I was already being treated for Hashimoto’s so my routine blood work caught the switch to Graves’ sooner than most.

    Before I was diagnosed I had terrible pain also. My blood pressure was dangerously low & pulse was dangerously high. Once I went on a beta blocker the pain went away within a few weeks. But everyone is SO different with their symptoms & what will help them. I had awful hot flashes, sweating, exhausted but awake and I even thought I was pregnant at one point. It was all because of the Graves’!

    Everyone is right, do your research! It helped me realize that my 1st endocrinologist was not right for me. When I would question things he would not give me answers that I would understand & I got the “I’m the specialist, don’t question my decisions,” from him. With my numbers being in “normal range” I still felt awful & to him that was ok! Yet every few weeks the dosing always had to be upped, which led to me finding a new endocrinologist that listens to me & answers my questions and eventually led to my TT last month because they realized the medication was not a working option for me.

    Good luck & take care!