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    Hi Amanda. You still have Graves’ even without your thyroid. That’s the misconception with this disease. A TT is a form of “treatment” not cure. There are tests to checks for the Graves’ antibodies (TSI and TRab). These blood tests will tell you the status of your disease antibodies. As long as the antibodies are swirling thru your system they can attack your eyes or shins (myxedema).

    My TED started with intermittent blurriest, watering eyes, double vision, and then progressed from there. You’re lucky to have a team focused on your eyes. Hopefully you’re also seeing a ophthalmologist. If they tell you that you need prisms, get the stick on (Fresnal). The disease is sometimes progressive so you might need adjustment. Getting prisms ground into your glasses is expensive and if it changes your stuck with glasses you can’t use.

    I hope this turns out well for you. I know how frustrating and scary it is…

    Best wishes,