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    I can’t believe I’m 4 weeks post TT already!

    I’m still feeling really good other than last Thursday afternoon/evening. I left work for a dental appointment and I was on EDGE for no real reason, my heart rate & blood pressure were up all afternoon (I don’t have specific numbers but I could feel it) and I was VERY irritable/emotional. Instead of going back to work after my appointment I went home and didn’t have a great rest of the day, but I made myself some tea, took a bath, watched some mindless TV and got through the evening. Friday was better, but I was a bit tired. Since then, I feel good.

    I have my first appointment with an Ophthalmologist this Thursday. I have had vision troubles since I was a kid but have never been to an Ophthalmologist. I was surprised to read that my ENDO noted that I had “mild Graves’ eye disease”. I’m not sure what lead her to write that (other than I have big eyes…but I’ve ALWAYS had big, not bulging blue eyes) but I figured better to get checked and establish a relationship with a good Dr. just in case.

    My post-op ENDO appt. is not until 10/1, I’m really curious to see what my numbers are. I don’t know what “normal” feels like but I find it interesting that several people have commented on how much “calmer” I am now – lol. Maybe that is just from having 2.5 weeks off of work – who knows?

    I plan on snooping around here at the TED posts to get an idea of what I should be asking the Ophthalmologist this week.

    I’ll Keep you posted.