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    SueAndHerZoo wrote:
    Have any of your doctors ever had any input about these eye issues, or do they just dismiss them as a trivial, cosmetic thing?…..look like well-placed eye shadow… some women would pay to have that! :)

    Definitely cosmetic, docs claim they can’t even see it. I normally have super-pale white skin, so the tan color is quite odd. It first appeared on the skin right below the eyebrow toward the outside over the bone. To my knowledge there’s no eye muscles or soft tissue there, just skin right over the bone – it’s crazy! It looks almost exactly like I got some slightly darker flesh toned eye shadow and smoothed it evenly over. Some locations of it would look okay, but other areas of it like on the outer eye corners look odd. Still it could look a lot worse and I’ve pretty much accepted it. Still reading about those products you guys are trying maybe I’ll give it a go! It’ll be interesting to see if people react to me differently – I think I’ve got kind of a tired haunted look even on my best day these days so it would be great to improve that. Keep us posted with your experiments!