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    SueAndHerZoo wrote:
    I got online and ordered myself one and it just came in. I haven’t had a lot of time to practice and play with it yet but I think I’m going to like it: Smashbox High Definition concealer. It’s got really great reviews, especially for under eye circles, and I think the most challenging part would be picking the correct shade online. Probably better off to go buy it somewhere in person but I didn’t have time this week so gambled with a shade online.

    Smashbox is a great company too. I tried a few concealers including theirs but found the best coverage & shade for me was the Kat Von D. I dab then blend, then let it dry, then if I feel I need more coverage I dab & blend again. Usually never need more than 2 applications. Just like the condition, it’s different for everyone! LOL I also got overwhelmed when trying to find the right color! Let the professionals do it for me. :) I had a friend with me too who wasn’t too helpful to curb my “retail therapy.”

    I’ll be seeing my eye specialist on Thursday. I have a lot of questions for him but who knows if I’ll get any answers that I’ll be able to fully medically understand & relay back well enough for anyone else to. ;)