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    Wow, Raspberry…. hadn’t heard of that one yet. Is it more like thousands of tiny freckles making the area look dark or is it a streak of color? In other words, individual spots or large areas? How frustrating, especially in addition to the circles and puffiness. Have any of your doctors ever had any input about these eye issues, or do they just dismiss them as a trivial, cosmetic thing?

    I guess my eyes could be a delayed reaction, but nothing for 6 weeks and then BAM – one day I wake up looking horrible and it hasn’t let up for almost two weeks. I know what you mean about people looking at you differently. I so miss having people tell me how “vibrant and healthy” I look. But I’m feeling positive at this moment so I’m planning on looking that way again, damn it!

    Now if only we could get your tan discoloration to place itself strategically to look like well-placed eye shadow… some women would pay to have that! :)