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    Possible Great Concealer:

    When I was discussing my “sickly eyes” with a co-thyroid patient at the office she told me she had (and still has) the same problem but I always thought her eyes looked fine. The next day she brought me in her concealer to show me and even though I only tried it on the back of my hand, I liked the texture and thickness.

    I got online and ordered myself one and it just came in. I haven’t had a lot of time to practice and play with it yet but I think I’m going to like it: Smashbox High Definition concealer. It’s got really great reviews, especially for under eye circles, and I think the most challenging part would be picking the correct shade online. Probably better off to go buy it somewhere in person but I didn’t have time this week so gambled with a shade online.

    After a few days of learning how to use it, I’ll let you know. From the little I’ve read, you should dab it on, let it dry for a minute or two, and then blend.