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    Yes, Sue, your eye thing does sound a bit different than mine. Where did I get the idea that you had eye swelling? Duh! ;) I guess that I was relating to having a changed facial appearance, especially around the eyes, that caused others to ask if I was ok. I have a bit of eye swelling left, and I originally had facial swelling as well – which made the whole thing worse. The facial swelling is gone now, but it took a few months. I was told that all of that was due to thyroid levels.

    I think that I sometimes need to remind myself just how sick I’ve been and that I’m still in the recovery phase (if I wasn’t, then I wouldn’t be so actively managed by a healthcare team!). My endo had to remind me last week that it can take a year to experience full recovery from this experience. That includes my appearance. She told me this is a gradual thing. I’m much, much better than I was – but not as good as I’m going to be. Her words.

    I’ve been trying to remind myself that I’ve never meant anyone who is ill or recovering from an illness who doesn’t show it (to some degree) in their face.
    But if you find an awesome eye cream or concealer, be sure to post it immediately!!! 😎