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    Oh! The eyes!!! Another be patient & wait phenomenon…

    I’ve noticed that whenever my thyroid levels are on the move, whether toward normal or away – they swell & change appearance. I’ve also noticed that when I’m hyper they do this. And I’ve noticed than when I’m hypo they do it even worse than hyper. My antibody tests are all negative, so this isn’t a Graves’ thing. My eye specialists and endo tell me it’s a thyroid thing. And very common. I’ve been told that once my levels are normal & stay that way for 6 months to a year, that this will all stop & much (or all of it) will reverse. If it doesn’t all reverse, there are cosmetic procedures that can be done to help if it still bothers me. I believe them, because I’ve reached normal levels where my thyroid symptoms have been very minor & my eyes have looked better each time. Until we are forced to make another adjustment.

    I’ve yet to find any products that do what I want them to. But drinking more water, keeping my head elevated, getting enough sleep do seem to help a little. The biggest game changer tho, for me, seems to be getting my levels closer to their sweet spot & staying level.

    Can’t wait to hear if anyone finds a great product tho! I hate the eye swelling!! I kid around that if the eyes are the window to the soul…and mine have changed…what does that say? ;)