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    Thanks for the responses everyone.

    I don’t think I have any eye symptoms – I think I was just very paranoid and LOOKING for things to worry about. When I am busy and distracted my eyes are fine, when I have too much time on my hands, I start thinking they feel funny. If I notice any symptoms that seem continued or persistent I will definitely see my eye doctor, but I have a question regarding that: I saw him in February of this year because I felt like my eyes “weren’t working together”. If I closed one it was fine, if I closed the other it was fine, but with both opened, I felt like they weren’t focusing together. He did a typical exam and found nothing was wrong. Would he have noticed any GED problems without actually LOOKING for them? I never mentioned GED to him because I didn’t find out I was out of remission until a week later.

    Regarding the dark circles, I’m sorry to hear you, too, have noticed your eyes look worse. Misery loves company, but I hope we both find that it’s TEMPORARY. Today they look so bad I thought of calling in sick. And please do share any make up tricks that work…. I’ve tried several and now have another eye concealer on order – hope by the time it arrives I won’t need it.

    The journey continues, but I keep trying to appreciate how good I feel most of the time and how much worse it COULD be.