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    I actually went to Sephora the other day because I had a groupon & had to pick some stuff up & I guess the Kat Von D line has been expanded so she has this concealer called Lock It Tattoo Concealer, which you can actually cover up tattoos with! Problem is it’s so popular in my light shade it’s not in stock on-line & I had to call around to different stores to find it. finally sound it in the JC Penny Sephora. So now that’s my new thing but I also got more of her eye primer for above the eyes.

    But yeah, the Sephora girls were really helpful finding my right shade for me. A friend of mine got mugged once (she was ok but a bruised mess for a while after) & I don’t have permission from her (I wouldn’t even ask her because I know she’s still sore on the subject with how she looked after) but I WISH I could have posted the pictures of her before & after. They did a fantastic job on her & she had some terribly bad bruises on her face. She’s fully recovered now.

    As far as “fixes” to reduce puffiness & the circles w/out makeup, if anyone ever finds one, LET ME KNOW. I’ve tried too many things. So many I can’t even remember or list them, nothing ever worked, so that’s when I started experimenting with makeup just to cover it up. I know I haven’t tried the Earth Sciences stuff.

    I did a little search also & found this:


    Hypothyroidism is a thyroid hormone deficiency disease. Hypothyroidism may occur at any age and is common in older adults. According to the Merck Manuals of Medical Information online database, obtaining a diagnosis for hypothyroidism may be easier for younger adults, because it may be more subtle or atypical in older adults. You may develop dark circles around your eyes, because hypothyroidism can cause an infiltration of complex sugar molecules in your face, which leads to swelling and discoloration in your face and around your eyes.

    Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/294197-pathologic-dark-circles-around-the-eyes/#ixzz2eCyEgpHY

    Hmmm… if that’s the case, how can these “molecules” be treated to rid us of this!? More research needed. :(