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    Well… I met with my surgeon yesterday. My entire thyroid and a lymph node was removed, and my three parathyroids were left intact (excellent!). I also got the best, bad news I could get: there were cancer cells growing on the right lobe and isthmus of the thyroid…

    I am not sure what it all means yet. The surgeon mentioned Stage 1, though I am pretty sure I tuned him out after the original usage of the “c” word.

    His advice was to consult back with my endo at my scheduled follow up at the end of the month, that I should heal completely from the procedure and then the endo and I can discuss what is next. He also prodded me not to go back to work this week, that I could if I wanted to, but that next week was soon enough. So I listened and will go back to work next Wednesday.

    Now, I am hoping you guys can offer up links for cancer topics and the such. Also, I appreciate Western medicine, but am very open to Holistic compliments to their treatments.

    Thank you all for everything so far!