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    Hi there. Glad you’re doing well – the headaches are gone, right?

    When I went for my first post-surgery follow up with my endo I asked him why he only checked my TSH and my free T4 and how we’d know if my body was converting T4 to T3 properly. He went into a very long and technical explanation (of which I understood very little) about why there was no need to check T3 and that there is never a reason to supplement with T3, etc. I was disappointed that he wouldn’t even consider the possibility and he then told me that some of his patients have insisted on trying it so he abides begrudgingly, and then stated that it has never brought improvement to the patient – he totally is against T3 dosing. I was disappointed but somewhat comforted knowing that if I don’t feel good in a few months he will consider letting me try T3 for experimentation.

    I work with a lady who has been on Synthroid for well over a year and is still feeling awful …. her doctor is going to let her try T3 after her next visit but that’s not until October. I’ll be monitoring her closely and let others here know what kind of results she has.

    Take care of yourself and get lots and lots of rest.