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    Sue, that’s a fair question. One I had as well.

    I had actually been on the 125 dose since about 3 or 4 months post-op. My labs are technically in “normal range” – but my TSH remains above 2 (2.6) which my endo has found to be too high for many patients in terms of symptoms (that is patients who had previously lived in a hyperthyroid state). Also, my T4 & T3 – while both in normal range as well – are at the low end of normal. Some people just don’t feel well there. I don’t feel well there. So she’s increasing my dose based on symptoms and low-normal labs.

    Feeling well seems to come in degrees. When I was hypo on labs, and then had a dose increase that brought them into range, I felt BETTER – so I thought I was good. After sitting at “better” for awhile & adjusting to that, I began to realize that I still felt off, as in mildly hypo. When I described it, the endo said that some people can be only a teensy bit low on labs (and even in the normal range) & really feel it, while others can be significantly out of range & report no symptoms cuz they don’t feel them. Apparently I’m sensitive to this, which is why it’s taking me longer to become optimized. Like I said before, I have felt better and better w/ each one. And I could have actually lived at the dose I was at. I just realized that I didn’t feel 100% once I sat at that level for awhile.

    Fortunately my endo treats off symptoms, and believes that the lab range is arbitrary and perhaps a little too wide for people going from hyperthyroidism to their new normal.

    And yes! Enjoy your day!! Hopefully it’s as pretty where you are as it is here…