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    Thanks, Christina, your post helped TREMENDOUSLY! To know that you are still “tweaking” after 7 months helps me to accept that I can’t possibly put a logical, scientific reason behind every little shift I feel or think I feel. Here I am bummed out that at almost 8 weeks TT I am still fluctuating and some people “tweak” for months or years. I really need to learn patience but I am so bad at it – I guess I just need the constant reminders. Thank you for that.

    I’ve just researched other endos in my area, checked their credentials, their patient ratings, etc. and if I am not happy with my old endo after my next visit I will schedule a consult with a new one. My original doc has done me well for years and if I beat on him he does finally listen, but I wonder if there are docs out there who listen BEFORE you break down and cry. When I ask him a question I get a 15 minute dissertation in which he quotes medical journals and scientific evidence to back what he’s saying and I comprehend about 2% and then the appointment is over. I need to talk to a person, not an encyclopedia.

    OK, so even if you’re not wondering, I am: why would your level need adjusting after 7 months? What changes at that point? I was thinking I would need 3-4 months to find the sweet spot and then it would stay the same indefinitely. I’m past menopause so no more fluctuations there. Sorry – I guess I overthink and second guess everything.

    Thanks again for sharing – I’m going to try to enjoy my day and not obsess over feeling “off” today.