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    Raspberry wrote:
    Hi Sue, I hope you are getting some sleep and aren’t an insomniac like me tonight! In my obsessive internet research, I’ve read a number of posts from people after TT or RAI taking literally over a month to fully adjust to a dosage change of their replacement hormone. It may be the you are finally experiencing the full effects of living on the dose you now take and it needs to be adjusted (my guess would be UP). I got early extra blood work today myself and I hope my endo doesn’t think I’m being a ninny, but I feel kind of crazy and hyper lately.

    Hi Raspberry. thanks for the post, not sure why but it made me feel better. I, too, am obsessively reading and some would probably say that’s making things worse but I don’t believe that. Since we pretty much are our own best doctors, knowledge can’t be bad, as long as we learn how to weed out the good info from the bad. But even if all we’re reading are other people’s experiences with no science to back it, it still helps, at least it does for me.

    This morning as I lay in bed with my mind racing and feeling panicky and obsessive I realized my meds might be too high. Granted, I have been complaining about being tired lately but when I look at the other symptoms, they all point towards hyper. Tomorrow will be exactly 7 weeks on 125 of Levothyroxine. That is the dose I started with after surgery and there have been no changes yet since my first post-surgery bloodwork was too early to be reliable. My digestive tract is acting up again (too fast, but I have colitis so sometimes it’s hard to tell which ailment is causing the urgency) and a lot of my anxiety quirks are back and I was throwing the covers off again last night (it was so nice not to be a furnace for a few weeks there). The only symptoms that says “hypo” is the draggy, drugged, exhausted feeling, but that could be there with hyper, too, let alone just be there 7 weeks post-op.

    So rather than wait till my scheduled September 17th blood work I think I will go in Monday. My doctor will, of course, tell me my levels aren’t severe enough to be feeling symptomatic but I will tell him as I have for a while now, my body is a better gauge than the blood tests.

    I only wish he wasn’t anti T3 testing. But can I assume if I am feeling a little hyper that my body IS successfully converting T4 to T3? I may have to threaten to go elsewhere if he doesn’t humor me and test for it. Why do they argue – it’s not like they are paying for the test – I don’t understand the hesitation to just check everything!

    Thanks for letting me vent. I know I don’t have it as badly as some but it was SO NICE to feel great for a few weeks it’s really heart-breaking to see it slipping away, ya know?