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    No hijacking here..I’m thrilled by the input!

    Thank you for posting the study!

    I too believe nutrition is, for me anyway, key. I’m at the tail end of a (very long) process of withdrawing off of a drug that I became Iatrogenically dependant on. As a result, my CNS is compromised and I respond badly to many suppliments and in line with a compromised CNS, I’ve read that large infusions of cortisol (as a result of this withdrawal) can also compromise coversion of T3. I should be off this medication within a few months and am expecting? hoping? that the conversion will improve. Either way I now know that T3 is a very viable option for me.

    So basically I’m dependant on food to be my medicine, but I’ve now come to believe that unless it is clear there is a deficit, supplimentation at best becomes very expensive pee and at worst can alter, as you Harpy mentioned, the balance of things. So food it is :)

    I will look further into the link you provided. Thank you again Harpy!