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    It’s funny that you mention this because when I was on 100 mcg I thought I had too much! I didn’t have a racing heart or tremors, but I had “anxiety breathing”, was anxious/ nervous, insomnia, still under weight. Yet, my TSH was 6.35 (even thought my free T4 was in the upper end of normal). So, I was bumped to 112. At about 2 weeks into the dose, I started to feel better. My labs reflected my TSH at .79 I think and my free T4 about the same as when I was on the 100. 2 months later it went down to .68 and now 8 months later, my TSH is 0.29 even though my Free T4 has remained in the upper end of normal and my T3 in the lower end of normal. It’s all weird. Anyway… since you’ve been on the new dose for 3 weeks, I think you will see a reflection in your labs. It might now be 100% accurate, but just after 2 weeks when I was bumped from 100 to 112, my TSH went from 6.35 (or so) to .79. So, you might have dropped quite a bit as well. If your labs are normal, maybe your body just needs a little time to adjust.

    I did feel a little anxiety (very little), some “anxiety breathing”/ air hunger sort of thing on the 112 seven days a week, so I asked my dr. if I could take 112 six days a week and a 100 one day a week. It’s actually helped! I met a lady who takes a dose 5 days a week and then skips 2 days. So, you can tweak a dose by skipping a day or by maybe doing what I’m doing and take 112 some of the days or the majority of them and the 100’s on 1 or 2 days. It might help. So, I would ask for labs to see what’s going on and then ask (depending on what your numbers are and how you feel) if you can alternate the 112 and 100 maybe or something like that. Let us know how it goes.