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    Well, that is a good question! The answer is I don’t know. Back in early March, I took a photo with friends and I had the wide eye startled look. My right eye looks normal now, but my left is still retracted and feels “off”. It doesn’t hurt, and I still see fine, but I feel it. My endo says its fine and I don’t have any eye issues. She measured them both at 16. I stare at my eyes for hours every day.. u have an eye Dr appt on the 19th. But it still sounds subjective. I dont remember my eyes feeling different until after I started meds. I did read that people have had dry eyes or swelling of the eye lids when taking beta blockers although it is less common than other side effects. So, maybe it’s just that. My left eye is definitely open more than my right, but most people say that can’t see it until I point it out.