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    AzGravesGuy wrote:
    Naisly wrote:
    I know radiation is cumulative, it stays with you forever.

    This is misinformation. Only certain types of radiation are cumulative.

    Are you speaking of ionizing or non-ionizing? Alpha, Beta, Black Body, Delta, ELF, Electromagnetic, Gamma, Infrared, Microwave, Neutron, Thermal, Ultraviolet, VLF, X? (Many of these we are constantly exposed to on a daily basis without even knowing it. Welcome to life on planet Earth.)

    To make such a blanket statement is irresponsible and plays on people’s fears of the unknown. This does not make a supportive environment for patients wanting real information.

    Perhaps you should look further into your “skin crawling” research and make definitive statements instead of all encompassing half truths. If you have not researched that far, please refrain from making these bold assertions.

    I could ramble off a list of purported cancer causing items from Asbestos to malathion to Red #40 to stress. Information is great. Feeding speculation and fear is not. With all due respect, please be more responsible with your words in the future.

    I just wanted to let you know directly that I will be making an official complaint to the GDATF board about your post to me today.
    I have looked through the threads and note you have also been extremely aggressive to other women on the forum.
    The fact that this has not been moderated is very worrying.