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    I have printed them and bringing them to the doctors tomorrow morning with me and have the questions ready! I also confirmed to make sure I see the Doctor as well as the RLNP as well at the same time! I’m praying for good news tomorrow since It’s been a year for me now on meds! :)

    Kimberly wrote:
    Hello – In terms of bringing documentation to your doctor’s office, I would suggest printing the couple of pages on Anti-Thyroid Drugs from the link in the “Treatment Options” thread that talks about the importance of NOT relying on TSH. Your doc will probably be more inclined to look at that, since it comes from two well-known medical agencies.

    TED = Thyroid Eye Disease…if you don’t have any eye issues right now, that is a blessing! Symptoms can range from the mildly annoying to the very serious (dryness, bulging, double vision, swelling, grittiness, etc). If you do start experiencing eye symptoms, you will want to visit an ophthalmologist who can guide you through this process.

    Gabe mentioned our YouTube videos; you can find them here:

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    As for diet, you will hear all sorts of conflicting recommendations. Most docs will recommend avoiding major sources of iodine, such as supplements and the seaweed wrap that comes with sushi. Some patients will choose to cut back further on sources of iodine. The thyroid uses iodine to make *more* thyroid hormone…so going overboard when we are hyper is like throwing gasoline on a fire!